“Our engagement with Ilerra began with the intent of enhancing our custom enterprise management application. We quickly realized the results would be more far-reaching as we began to work as a team analyzing

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Advantages Disadvantages of outsourcing in North America and overseas

Advantages Disadvantages of Outsourcing – The pros & cons !

Advantages disadvantages of outsourcing at iLerra is a big topic. Some people think that there are many challenge and problems of outsourcing. But the issue is not the problems of outsourcing but rather what created the major results or even effects of outsourcing. Other people search for “advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing pdf”, hoping to find all the solution in one place. But at Ilerra we have great experience in outsourcing software development projects, we know all the pros and cons of outsourcing, offshoring, and insourcing.

Before we go into the “advantages disadvantages of outsourcing”, let us explore the most common disadvantages of outsourcing and how does Ilerra avoid them, and even exceed on switching the disadvantages of outsourcing to advantage of outsourcing:

– Loss of Managerial Control: We use JIRA to manage our project, all our projects are managed by a Project Manager based in Washington DC Metro area or at client site.

– Hidden Costs: There are no hidden costs working with Ilerra. We proud ourselves in using JIRA as 100% transparency for our resources. You only pay for what you use.

– Threat to Security and Confidentiality: Most of our projects are hosted an Amazon AWS Servers, which means highest security. As for the confidentiality, we sign with all of our clients a (NDA) Non-Disclosure-Agreement. It’s not like the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing human resources. Because you partner with a company and not with individuals or freelancers. All our employees are full time in house developers.

– Quality Problems: We don’t compromise quality. Our client base can tell how satisfied they are with our work. One of our big clients is Blackboard a software used by most US Universities. If Blackboard and Maryland State can trust us, can you trust us?

After you have read this article, you are now an expert that can probably write about outsourcing advantages and disadvantages essay. Advantages disadvantages of outsourcing remains the main concern. So the most advance of outsourcing is acquiring the highest talent in the most cost effective way.

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